gay wedding photography

my darlings!

As a gay London and Brighton wedding photographer  who is out and proud...I absolutely love shooting gay or LGBTQ+ weddings.  You know how it's kind of liking feeling really at home, like you belong.   Like family.  I take real pride in shooting gay or LGBTQ+ weddings.  ('scuse the pun folks I couldn't resist!)

Some people say there is no difference between photographing a gay or straight wedding.  But there is.  I know there shouldn't be but there is!  Some couples still find it tricky booking hotel rooms for two guys or two girls, some girls can face a frosty look when trying on wedding dresses.  There are still elements of the wedding industry who are behind the times.

From a photography point of view I find it really helps couple's relax during their portraits or getting ready pix knowing that I fully get them and understand where they are coming from.  I really mean it when I say I like to connect with my couples.  I do like to get to know you a little before your wedding.  Also arranging friends and family for the group pix is slightly different to a straight wedding.  Bascially anything goes!   

Gay weddings are great because couples tend to do exactly what they want for their big day!  You don't have to follow convention.  Do things your way.  If that means having 6 bridesmaids dressed in wedding dresses or tuxedos that is fine.  some have best men, some have best women.  Some have drag queens, some get ready together, some get ready separately.  Some dance down the aisle to Abba.  I know that couples can sometimes feel self conscious in front of friends or family.  Some of you may feel nervous about kissing your partner infront of your family...or being affectionate.   I'll make sure we take photos where you feel safe and at ease. 

My gay wedding photography is fun, natural, shows real emotion on a documentary style.  I will tell the story of your wedding day to the love of your life! It will be genuine and authentic.  No posing for me, just be yourselves.  Really be yourselves - it's your big day afterall and I'm guessing a big partee as well - yay!   

I'm confident I will really understand any unique situations with family or stuff that may just spring up on the day.  I've got your back, I won't make you do anything you don't feel comfortable doing, infact I reckon you will feel really at ease with me behind the lense.  Think of me as family.

I am proud of being me, proud of being gay, it is who I am.

I know what it can be like on your wedding day - I've had loads of experience shooting gay weddings - from big ones to small registry office weddings, pub weddings, village hall weddings, festival weddings, woodland weddings, Gay London weddings, Gay Brighton weddings... 

I can't wait to hear all about your wedding plans.  Please get in touch, give me a call or drop me a line.

Liza x



I like to engage with you and your other half and really connect.  I understand and get where you're coming from.  Any special requests please ask.  I love difference, spontaniety and capturing your real moments.

I got your back!



To me its all about moments.  I love happy moments, emotive moments, loving moments...any moment!  I will be like a fly on the wall, observing what is going on during your day and very descreetly taking photos to record those special moments.

enjoy your day – I’ve got it covered!



I love shooting gay weddings in London.  I know it well, having spent most of life living here.  London is the city where I feel truly at home - it was my "coming out city" and embraced me with welcoming arms! I have many special memories of prides and fun days in London.  I love the vibe and excitement of the big smoke.  These days I split my time between London and Brighton which is the best of both worlds, I think!

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