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Loving Family Photoshoot at Coombes Farm

Life is all about cycles and journeys isn’t it. It’s about looking back and remembering, reminiscing the past, having a laugh or a cry and of course having new life experiences in the present, whilst also thinking to the future. Bingo! what better way to do this than have a family photoshoot!  For me family photoshoots should be about having fun, taking a few moments to think about those special people (and little people) in our lives and create some memories.  Natural, real, unposed family photography.

I’ve have become more aware that I need to be more in the moment, and enjoy the present and be grateful for what I’ve got and take time out to smell the roses, slow down and love life, cos it is pretty damn good innit!

So it was a great life lesson and moment taught to me today!….(where on earth is this leading you may be asking!!). Well on this day, for this family photoshoot I was with the lovely Bowker family who kind of did a bit of all three (past,present,future) and it was a real pleasure to be with them! Thinking about it now I guess this is why I do love photography so much. Its all about capturing one little moment in time and holding on to that moment, living and loving that moment.

I shot Stu’s and Katie’s wedding three years to the day 9th May 2015 and when Stu contacted me about wanting a family photoshoot I jumped at the chance. He wanted to surprise Katie with a gorgeous anniversary gift – a family photoshoot at Coombes Farm (where they got married and just a few miles out of Brighton) but this time with their beautiful new daughter Arla. Man is that cool or what!

We had to meet ultra early at 8.15am cos I was flying away to Munich that afternoon with the Rainbows for a choir festival. (the early start didn’t matter too much though, with Katie and Stu being parents to a one year old!)

and what a lovely hour or so we had on the most beautiful May morning. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the odd sheep was baaing and all was good in the world! Making some new memories, appreciating the beautiful day and thinking back to the past. Katie, Stu and Arla retraced their tracks from the wedding day with a landrover ride to the top of the farm, looking out over the beautiful South Downs. The Bowkers had a bit of a stroll around with Arla and a little play and then we hopped on the landrover again and trundled back down to finish with a few shots in the lambs barn, – another reminder that life is constantly changing, new life and new beginnings. Ahhhhhh!

I wasn’t surprised at all that little Arla is as photogenic as her parents! She didn’t cry during the whole shoot and managed to give the cutest of smiles almost on command!

Hopefully Stu and Katie and Arla have created some new memories now and the photos were just gorgus! Love being with you guys! Awesome family shoot.


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