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4 reasons why I love printed wedding albums

01. They tell the story of your day


I love designing wedding albums. It is like completing the picture, the story of your wedding day. To have something tangible, physical that you can look at and relive those memories for years and years to come. My stunning Queensberry Wedding Albums are bespoke, handcrafted art pieces in their own right.


02. Reliving memories


My childhood memories do take me back to pouring over my Mum and Dad's wedding album on our Formica kitchen table. All black and white images, all beautifully printed and carefully placed by hand in a hardback album. Oh, the lovely conversations we had over that album when we were kids. Still to this day, whenever I am home visiting in New Zealand I pull out that album, plonk myself down on the sofa (the Formica table is long gone!) and chat with my parents about that special day in their lives.


03. Albums stand the test of time


Albums stand the test of time, don't they? They'll be around forever, however, can we can say the same for JPGs, USBs or any digital files? What will happen to these file formats in the future? Are we going to pass down, USBs, SD and CF cards to family and friends? Will the Facebook or Instagram images of your wedding day still be around in 20 years? Probably not. Technology and social media seem to change at lightning speed but the simple idea of printing out a photo and putting it in an album does stand the test of time.


04. A stunning art piece


Hands down the difference of viewing your photos in a beautiful, handcrafted album to viewing them on a screen or phone are incomparable. An album is a much more personal, emotive and intimate experience. Albums are such a time tested way of reliving the beautiful story of your wedding day. Albums are for life.


Queensberry Albums


My beautiful Queensberry albums are all lovingly hand made in New Zealand. Each one is individual and bespoke, depending on what options you decide on. They are a unique sensory experience. The touch of beautiful paper. The smell of luxury leather or silk. Each album uses the finest materials sourced from around the world. Your Queensberry album will stand the test of time. Queensberry albums are a little more expensive than others available on the market but I think they’re well and truly worth it. You are only ever going to get one wedding album after all.

It is worth getting the best.


Wedding albums are included in my packages!


I am so passionate about having printed wedding albums to keep memories alive that I have included them in my most popular wedding photography packages. Have a look here!

Plus you save £100 when you book your album with your wedding package!


stunning, handmade, albums by Queensberry

I personally design your album and they are handcrafted by Queensberry the most luxurious album design company in the world.

With around 30 different cover materials and colours to choose from, different page options from fine art card to mounted and unmounted pages, luxurious translucent dust sheets and exquisite detailing such as embossed front covers, every single album I design is totally unique to my couples. These beautiful stunning, take your breath away albums are guaranteed to keep your memories alive forever. Loads of album options and upgrades available. FREE design of your album and online proofing.

I would love to show you some examples of my beautiful albums so do get in touch!

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